Sunday, August 03, 2014

Nail Polish Quilt

I have been sewing kind of a bunch lately. 
Basically, my personal life is in complete turmoil
(all I am going to say right now, more in another post),
Interestingly, the more turmoil, the more sewing I have been doing.
Hey, it's my therapy.
Anyhow, the fat quarter shop sent this really simple pattern for me to try.
Well with a 7 year old AND a 13 year was an immediate hit before I even started!!

In case you want to make one, the pattern is available for free from the Fat Quarter Shop.

Due to the aforementioned 'stuff' in my life, my girls are getting
new bedrooms and new color paint!
Yippee....decorating (:

Grace chose a violet color from Sherwin Williams
Silver Peony.
I used that as my inspiration for my first nail polish quilt.
I think it will be awesome on her new wall.

Now you might be asking how long it took to make it? 
Well cutting the pieces took longer than sewing.
Total for the top was about an hour. 
There is even a video on the steps to piece it.

It's only 13" x 18" or so.
The quilting took my about 2 hours (.machine binding included.).
I chose a light grey that appears nail polish can appear at different angles.

Now I have to make one for the 7 year old...
that will be on hold for awhile here.
Just wondering, would you make a nail polish quilt? 


andrea @ tideline quilts said...

All the best as you go thru your "personal stuff" sounds a bit trite, but the older I get, the more I see that life pretty much always turns out as it should. Sometimes it just takes us a while to catch up to that fact. I am sure you will come out better than ever.

Teresa S. said...

I love the purple polish with the gray background. I bet your daughter just loves it!

Jackie's Stitches said...

At least your personal stuff is productive. It's never that way with me.

Vicki W said...

That would be a cool gift for my niece for her dorm room.

Anonymous said...

Love your nail polish mini! And I think the backing fabric is fantastic! I may have to have my daughter help me whip one of these up!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Very cute mini! I wish my DD was younger and still lived at home~ it is a great wall hanging for decorating a room! Sorry you are overwhelmed with 'personal stuff', but love your productivity! Best wishes as you move forward.

Michelle said...

I would absolutely make a nail polish quilt. My teenage daughter is planning to become a nail technician, so it would be just perfect for her!