Sunday, June 30, 2013

Christmas in July Giveaway!

Giveaway Closed.
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thank you so much!
You that read correctly.
In celebration of Christmas in July...
I'm getting the ball rolling
With the help of the Fat Quarter shop
I'm giving away a complete fat quarter bundle of
In from the cold by kate Spain!!!!!!!!!!
 Just in time to get started on winter and Christmas gifts.
They have the most up to date website.
Honestly I check their 'what's new" every day.
I can't always buy, but it's fun to look and drool!
The fat quarter shop even offers kits to coordinate with many of the fabric lines they carry.
 kits are an awesome solution to my time crunches.
I am a HUGE fan of Kate Spain and her designs so it pains me to not enter my own giveaway!
but I have to be fair to all of you so I won't enter :)
I will give you  2 entries for the bundle....
So here is what I'd like you to do:
1. Follow me on BLoglovin
and then leave me a comment that you did...
2. Leave a comment about your favorite Christmas memory.
I will  randomly choose a winner on July 3rd.


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pam said...

would LOVE to subscribe to your blog... one problem... i am not on facebook so don't have an account. other blogs have an option of having it delivered to an email address. hopefully i will be able to do that for yours... otherwise i'll do what i do every morning... go through my favorite blog list to which i just added yours!!

pam said...

favorite christmas memory... when santa brough my daughter a ka-gillion beany babies (or so it seemed) by leaving them in a trail that lead from her bedroom to her new two-wheeler bike. of course some of the beany babies were showing her how to ride her new bike.

Belinda said...

I just signed up to follow you on Bloglovin!

One of my favorite Christmas Memories - Santa tearing/ripping his suit on our fireplace. My mom said that Mrs Claus would be able to fix it!

Sara said...

I'm a happy follower of yours :)

Sara said...

My favorite Christmas memory has to be when I was pregnant with our first child and my husband surprised me on Christmas morning with a new tree fully decorated and with presents underneath. Very fun surprise.

ledamewood said...

I follow you on Bloglovin'

ledamewood said...

My favorite Christmas memory is when my father gave me a tape recorder with a Christmas message from him already recorded on it.

Anonymous said...

I follow you on Bloglovin, my favorite Christmas memory is when we were little we would lay under the tree just staring up at the lights.

Cherie said...

I follow via bloglovin'

Cherie said...

A favorite Christmas memory would have to be one I remember very well. We went to visit my grandparents who lived several hours away, and my parents forgot our stocking. Santa ba humbugged us. He gave us new stockings and left a note saying he didn't know we were going to our grandparents, so he put the presents at our house hours away! But he felt bad so we got to enjoy the new stockings and at my parents, we still use them to this day!

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