Thursday, June 27, 2013

kitty kitty

About 2 weeks  ago one of my staff members spotted a kitten at a busy intersection near our office.
She immediately told me that she was going to get him, so I followed her!
There was this little orange dirty tabby kitten...maybe 6 weeks old.
I put him in my office bathroom.
No one would take him home.
I couldn't leave him at the office,
I couldn't leave him at the busy corner.
So I brought him home.
I spent the next 24 hours convincing my husband to keep him.
He said no.
We set the kitten up in the garage.
In the picture he is trying to get in the house.
We quarantined him so that he wouldn't pass disease to our other cats before he was checked by the vet.
By the next morning my husband text me that
my girls begged to keep the kitten... so he caved.

We took him to the vet 2 days later.
Got his blood checked, antibiotic for eyes and respiratory illness and special food.
 The first few days there was a lot of this ...
but not just because of the kitten.
It was because the same day kitten aka Rascal was taken to the vet,
our 13 year old cat Chew Chew (the black and white one) was taken because I noticed her eye was funny.
Turns out she has an inoperable tumor in her mouth that is growing into her eye socket and pushing her eye forward.
Interesting how that works...
we get a new kitten and find out a week later that our older one is slowly dying.
See why I said there was A LOT of wine!

Anyway little rascal is adjusting pretty well.
He's already found the fabric he likes.

And a warm place to sleep.
So that is just the beginning of the changes in our life in the last couple of weeks.
More on that in my next posts...


Cathy said...

I am so sorry to hear about your older cat. But what a wonderful thing you did rescuing the kitten!!

Nicky said...

So sorry about your cat. We have lost two to fast cars and I won't have another. It is just too sad.

Glad about your kitten though and good that Rascal is getting such a loving home. Good taste in fabric!

Slowpoke said...

I am very sorry to hear about Chew Chew.
We lost our 18 yr. old cat Gunner 16 months ago
because he had an inoperable tumor in his stomach. It still makes me sad and every so often I just need a furry little head to fondle or pet.
So pleased you and Rascal found each other and he is adorable. Glad your hubby caved and Rascal has a loving home and fabrics. It's a good thing you did, to rescue him! Luba

Tanyia said...

oh gosh that just made me cry. I lost a kitty at the beginning to the year. That sweet little was brought into your life for a reason then. He is adorable btw. So sorry to hear about your other kitty though (hugs)

WoolenSails said...

It is wonderful that you rescued the little kitty and i am sure she will be a much loved member of your family. It is hard when our pets get older, and I hope chew chew can live out her remaining days in comfort.


carla said...

Hi...Sorry about Chew Chew...But so glad Little Rascal showed up for you all...And you all showed up for him...

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Awwwwww. Daddies ALWAYS cave to their little girls. I'm sorry about Chew Chew but the new baby is very cute and seems happy he has a new, happy home. <3

Tammy said...

Oh how sorry I was to read about your older cat. They become family and you don't want to lose them. I'm so glad you kept and rescued the little orange kitty. He's adorable. Hugs!!

~Laurie~ said...

You have a tender heart (your hubby too!). Rascal is adorable - he adopted you I think. Sorry about ChewChew - poor baby! It is amazing how things happen - what is that phrase when one door closes another opens. I believe that wholeheartedly! Good luck with the cats.

sunny said...

So sorry to hear about your older cat. It's not easy to lose a member of your family. Welcome Rascal!!

Sandy said...

Sorry about your Chew Chew...but now a new kitty. God works in mysterious ways. Hope your changes aren't anymore traumatic...have some white wine for me!

Shannon said...

The kitten is cute. I am sorry about your older cat. That is sad.

sandra said...

So sorry about Chew Chew, I guess the new kitty was sent to your family to help with the transition. It is so sad to loose
Your animals. My kitty is lying with her paws a cross my chest watching me type this. Blessings and prayers.

Kimberly said...

Oh Vickie, what a story. On June 10th, our young kitty was hit by a car, just minutes after she'd posed on one of my quilt blocks. It was heartbreaking. Five days later we brought home a new kitten to fill the hole that London left. I know it's hard, but God's timing is good :-)