Saturday, January 08, 2011

City Craft Update.

So just got off the phone with my Mother-in-Law. She's in Dallas. 
My Sister-in-Law told her about City Craft! As you know my MIL is a quilter too (thanks to me LOL) anyhow, SIL is taking my MIL to City Craft this week.
Guess what my MIL asked me?
"Is there anything you want me to buy you?"
Ah....Is that the MOST dangerous question you have EVER heard?
Let's see....where do I begin?
really though, I might request that she buy a few laminates for lunch bags etc. We'll see.


Sherri said...

Wow...what a great question...I would love for someone to ask me that!

Unknown said...

So, what did you tell her?

Karen said...

Too funny! I looked at their website today because of your previous post and I was fascinated by their laminate bags. I hope you get the laminates and blog about your use of them.

lisa said...

hmmm, good question....what's your limit?

sunny said...

It would be ungrateful if you didn't ask her to get SOMETHING for you! Let us know what you get.

Wendy said...

You showed great restraint! :) Would love to see what you do with your laminates :)

Anonymous said...

Gee...I wish someone would offer to buy me something! =)

Cindy said...

Hubby doesn't ask me that question....EVER !! LOL