Friday, May 21, 2010

SMS Giveaway day winner!

309 Wowsa....that's a lot of comments to read. Thanks for all the love of the scarf. Now I wish I had more than one to giveaway. 
Darn I don't.
So the winner is: #240 Megan of The Schachts!!!
Love this! I'm totally going back right now to read your blog. I just saw so many things that caught my eye! You're so talented!
Thanks Megan for your kind words.
Send me your email and I will send your scarf ASAP.

p.s. I am getting awefully close to 400 maybe I should or could do a giveaway once I reach 400?

1 comment:

The Schachts said...

YEAH!!! So excited for this! My email is Looking forward to hearing from you and my scarf!!! :)