Saturday, January 03, 2009

2009 Goals....

I have been reading several blogs and bloggers' goals for the new year. Last year my resolution was to not make any resolutions...because we tend to set lofty resolutions and not reach them. Last year had its ups and downs but overall it was a great year. Anyhow, I have been pinning and pinning and pinning my several WIPs and that has given me time to think about IF I will make any goals for this year. I think I already have without really 'saying' them.

First: We'd like to sell our house....we thought we had it sold but the person backed out. It was devastating...but all things happen for a reason, I HAVE to believe that.
Second: I want to be more organized throughout my home. With 2 kids things get cluttered and I really dislike that 'look' around my house.
Third: I'd like to keep in touch with my family more and see them more often, they all live atleast 9 hours drive away.
Fourth: I'd like to finish more of my works in progress. I have been working on them in the last 2 weeks pretty heavily. I work differently than some, I like to have at least 5 or more projects at my sewing table at once. I get more done that's efficient for me.
Fifth: I'd like to use more of my fabric. So many quilters call this stash. I think that has almost a negative connotation for me. IF I buy fabric, I'd rather feel good about it. So I am not calling it my stash. I consider ALL of the fabric WIPs....they are all part of a work in progress so I guess it's really part of #4 goal. LOL

There are many more things I'd like to do this year...however, these are top of the list.
Since I wrote this yesterday....I have organized both daughters clothing and removed the small sizes to be sent to Goodwill. That was a BIG item off my list. Plus I finished piecing this quilt....I know not that complicated of a pattern but this fabric is too busy for complicated. I like each fabric individually. It's quite trendy and I know exactly who I will give it to. So I just need to get quilting it...whew...lofty goals...LOL


Unknown said...

I try not to make any New Years resolutions.

Unknown said...

I like the resolutions that you have made. you even started on the organization part, good for you! I love the quilt top you put together. I wish you best of luck in completing all your goals! Hop on over for a terrific giveaway at my blog this week.

Suzanne said...

I love setting goals. It's what pushes me to get things done. You know, being able to cross a task off that list. So satisfying! Have a happy New Year!

happy zombie said...

Your #1 happened to us too. Buyer backed out less then an hour before closing. After much time has passed, we got a new buyer. We're supposed to close next week. I too had told myself that things happen for a reason. New buyers are a super nice family (the other buyers were horrid). Friends kept telling me, "it will happen" (selling the house)... and hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday I can say they are right!

Maybe you need some St. Joe-Joe mojo? He worked for me. Initially I asked him to find a nice family to buy our house. Well... he found a nice family, though it took a while. I suggest if you have a St. Joe-Joe... be very careful what you ask him for, because he delivers!