Sunday, October 26, 2008


Ok I just have to post this. For any family members out there reading my blog. Friday afternoon the girls and I were sitting at the kitchen table having lunch. The conversation went something like this:
Grace: "Mom, is Elly still sick?"

Me: "yes, she's very sick, honey"

Elly: "AWWW-daydey..." (in a horse raspy voice....daydey=gracie)

Grace: "awe Elly", "Mom you need to give Elly some ginger"

Me: "why?"

Grace: "because it always feels me better"

Me: "how do you know that? and where did you hear that?"

Grace: "Achachi (grandma) gave it to me. It's digusting, but Elly probably likes it".

Me: " how do we make it?"

Grace: "I don't know ask dad"

Me: "maybe we need Achachi to make it, I don't know if dad knows how to make it"

And the conversation ended...I believe the "ginger" she was referring to is actually hot tea with ginger and lemon juice that my mother in law has Grace drink when she's sick. It's an herbal cure for stuffy head, nausea etc. What I find interesting is that Grace remembers and suggested it for Elly as though it's a common thing. Although , it always "feels her better" she pointed out how yucky/disgusting it tastes LOL

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cosmo*yogini said...

Hey Vik~

so did u know that we saw a myth busters episode on ginger and it's nausea-curing effects? they think it actually does help. glad to hear your daughter agrees. I just love ginger naturally--it's the best part of eating sushi!

btw i love your blog...just now FINALLY checking it out... Wish I had the time to do this--it's on one of my to-do lists.

keep inspiring...