Sunday, June 01, 2008

Webkinz handmade clothes help

Right off I'll tell you, this post is about Webkinz. Could you tell by the title? They invaded our lives in February around my DD1's 7th birthday. It's almost an addiction for her or a competition. "I have to have more webkinz than so and so.....". She has to do chores around the house to earn money to buy them. She has 19 now! and she plays everyday online feeding them etc. Now the big thing is that she keeps asking ME to "quilt" them clothes...socks etc. I know one can buy them clothes but she wants me to make them, bless her heart. Anyone out there in blog land have pattern(s) that would fit webkinz? I have searched and only found a few knitted patterns and I was hoping to use up some cotton scraps instead of knitting. I would appreciate any help with this.


Shanna said...

I have patterns to make webkinz clothing or I also have clothes already made. Respond to
Thank you

Janis said...

Hi there, did you ever find any patterns? I'm searching the net and I can't find any but your post came up :)