Monday, June 30, 2008

A stash reduction, productive weekend....

Since I finished the borders on DD1's twin bed quilt, I had to get the backing ready for the quilter. I chose a stash fabric that I have been wanting to use for 3-4 years. It's a Lakehouse fab and sooo fun for a 7 year old. So now I have busted 6 yards from my stash just with this backing. I was quite productive this weekend, course it rained a lot here. It was also a great couple of days from the mail. These little cuties arrived from Raggetty Old Annies....Nicole makes them sooo cute. I bought 2! So my Annie family is growing. I think I am going to name them....hmm what should I name them?
This is part of my Hancock's order. I had ordered a book too...but it came damaged due to the sloppy way they packaged it. Have any of you had that problem with Hancock's? I love their closeout prices but the shipping is borderline. Anyhow....for $4 a charm was still worth it.
Like I said a week ago..I had pushed buttons...but it was ALL on sale and I have plans for all of it. Frankly it makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

I love your Annies. I order occasionally from HOP and never had problems with the shipments but I did receive charm packs a few days ago that were backordered from January and I had totally forgotten about them. Not sure why they took so long but no biggie. Best wishes to your hubs and that he gets all better real soon.

dot said...

I have not ordered from Hancocks but 4 dollars a charm pack. That is a good deal. I hope hubby gets bette soon. Have a great day.