Sunday, January 20, 2008

Port #1 San Juan Puerto Rico

Well really this is Miami...we set sail from Miami. A view from our balcony the first day at sea...It was 82 degrees... I had my first half day quilt class with Pat Sloan in the afternoon. Her pattern was easy to make and the kit was mostly cut so that eased you into her project quickly. I have pictures of her quilts in a few days.
Coming into San Juan at 5pm...we could only stay until midnight.

Below is old town San Juan... We took a tour of the Barcardi Rum factory...but they won't let you take many pictures. I did this one...a glass case of Rum...

A view off the water taxi.
More old town San Juan.....
And the ship at night. I don't have a great digital camera so night pictures don't always turn out well but it gives you the idea.

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atet said...

Oooh -- that looks like such fun!