Sunday, January 27, 2008

Joan Shay's Petal Play....

Monet's Water Lily....
The other half of the quilting cruise classes was Joan Shay's Petal Play. When I first learned that Joan was teaching I thought "well dang I'm not interested in that". I went to her class anyway...because the kit she had looked pretty and when I met her at the meet and greet she seemed like a nice gal. I didn't expect to like her stuff....I was so WRONG. She was hands down THE best teacher I have ever had. Her style and her tips and techniques were fabulous. I learned reverse applique with YLI silk thread. LOVED it! We learned her appli-bond technique, embroidery tips, beading and her other little tricks of the trade. It was fabulous, I just said that didn't I? can you tell I LOVED it!. I was with 2 other gals in Joan's class, new friends...Lisa and Rita...they were kinda arguing over who gets to teach the technique at their quilt guild etc. They were floored too. I liked it so much I came home and taught my MIL to do it. She's a quilter inlaws had our girls while we were on the cruise so I wanted to get her something for helping out..what would be better than a couple of quilt kits and a lesson?? ...I taught her in just an hour...her Monet water lily topper was nearly done before she left to go back to Florida the very next day! Incredible.
I was able to take several pictures of Joan's quilts. Again the details are just not as visible in one of my pictures. A professional photographer could probably capture it...but not me! LOL I get no kick backs from Joan for this I might point out.

Even fabric pinecones! They look real...I bought the template for that.
Below is her new pattern set for a baltimore album made with 3-D appli-bond technique that she teaches. The hummingbird with beach roses is a kit as well and so I bought it...I fell in love with that quilt. Joan's quilt kits are so well put together that they number the "logs" for the log cabin blocks so there's no guessing.

I can't wait to start this one.
She had several notions available for us to try. I liked this chalk draws as narrow as a #7 lead pencil.
And these finger guard by Bohn are great for shaping your hot appliques.
All in all a wonderful trip. I have lots of other miscellaneous pictures but I put the best on here. I would highly recommend all quilters to try a trip like this. I made several new friends, spent a whole week with my husband alone resting and relaxing. It was worth it. Oh drat...I have one more story to tell...that will have to be tomorrow....

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atet said...

Sounds like you had a great time on your trip! What fun. And that chalk pencil looks like it would be fantastic.