Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day weekend

Saturday we HAD to travel to Waynesville, Ohio for a party with a BUNCH of our college friends. It is amazing how times have changed with the addition of children. Anyhow, I digress, Waynesville as you know hosts the absolutely fabulous FABRIC SHACK. So I asked my DH if I could stop there on the way to the party. It's the fabric shack for goodness sakes. We had a camera...but I had limited time and in between browsing I had to stop and take my 6 year old to the potty. So unfortunately no pictures to show of the shop. They are remodeling however. DH was in the car listening the football on the XM radio, the baby was sleeping, I thought he was happy. Turns out he wasn't but that's another story.
Taking a 6 year old into the fabric shack was a dumb/good idea. She picked out several make a skirt, bag and several quilts...even a piece of Kaffe Fassett.......she thinks I am super woman I guess. But anyhow, she did pick up the newest Quilt Pink II charm pack with 25 squares...I couldn't tell her 'no'. Here are some of the other goods we purchased. It's the Fabric shack for goodness sakes I HAD to take advantage! Haha Some Micheal Miller for the kitchen....
Moda charm packs of the newest fabrics...they didn't have the yardage :(
Urban Garden by Free Spirit...just LOVE it...bought 23 prints...have a quilt in mind for this line. And below a lovely sewing box...looks like a hat box...couldn't leave it.
I only have one picture from the party...I let my DH keep the camera, well he said he would take pictures! but he didn't :(
Last night while I was squeezing 15 minutes of sewing after the baby went to bed....DD asked if she could spread her "squares". While I sewed my purse handles...she designed her quilt. We, well I, started to sew them together and then she sat on my lap and tried to guide them while I put the peddle to the metal. That didn't last long. She got bored and left. But not before informing me that she wants to grown up and be 'exactly' like me and sew just like me. A few minutes later she said 'I want to grow up and come to your office and be a dentist just like you'. Ahh wonderful. I knew at least one of the girls might want to do this....and I thought 'Is she crazy?' no she just wants to be like her mom. And then it hits you, you are their Idol at this age....and you better be a good example by golly. Wow!! the pressure is huge right now. But anyhow, Here are the results of our 15 minutes of sewing....can't wait to quilt it for her...or perhaps I will make it bigger to cover her whole body! haha!

She's so silly....

Oh and while we were 'playing', Dad was working on my new quilting loft. I picked cabinets on Friday and my design team at the Olde Parsonage is putting together my wall and island. Eek! I can't wait. Anyhoo, DH was painting the new loft...the color is quite neutral. I'll decorate with color! and quilts.

I did some hand sewing on the drive to Waynesville, I made a pincushion from Susan Branch I needed to make another! And worked on sewing some yo-yo's together...

I sent 2 of my pay it forwards in the mail on saturday morning. Carol and Amma, I hope you like what I sent. I am working on the other gal's....have to get an address.

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Holly said...

vickie, thanks for coming for a visit.

hope you liked the desserts and sneak peaks.

your site is a bit like fabric porn!

I love it.

(i dont' get out much, so I live vicariously through those who get to quilt shops regularly...htere is so much to choose from!)