Sunday, August 26, 2007

Last Friday Fun

Last friday I had to make a trip to Medina for an oil change in my Honda. Lucky for me the local quilt shop Fabric Obsession was just up the road. It is new about 3 months old. Let me just say one word....AWESOME. I loved their fabric choices and kits, and projects. They were oh so friendly but not overly friendly if you know what I mean. I was browsing and noticed several pincushions laying in displays. I asked if the gal who made them used sand for the filler. I normally use polyfil. She said 'Lizard Litter'. I had no idea what lizard liter was. She explained that it is crushed walnut shells and it is a bit bigger than sand but weighs about right. So the minute I left the shop I stopped at the local pet shop and bought their version of 'lizard litter'. I took a picture for sake of showing what it might look like at your local pet store. Here are a very other goodies I bought. Vintage Holiday jelly roll by Moda.
Peas and Carrots charm pack ......
They have a cool BOM with Thangles that is kinda like the buck a block but they don't have's anytime $3 a block. Very cool. I love the santuary fabrics.
And lastly I bought this purse book by Cindy Taylor Oates and some beautiful Moda Urban Chicks fabric to make the tie bag. I can't wait to start that.

It was a fun fun to start on that bag.

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