Friday, January 08, 2016

New Year - Increase Shipping Rates - boo and a Sale - YEAH!

Hi again,
I'm blogging today as a public service announcement of sorts. 
Once again on January 17, 2016 our USPS will be increasing it's rates, 
a 10% and 22% increase depending on the class of postage. 
I offer a flat rate postage in my etsy shop, however, priority rates are increasing
 and unfortunately I will have to increase my rate as well.
In addition, international shipping rates are also taking a hike in price. 
Until January 17th you can enjoy a slightly lower rate shipping 
I have my clearance items up to 70% off.

On the 17th my shipping rates will increase from $5.95 flat rate U.S. to $6.50 flat rate fee.
International rate will go from $26.50 to $30.00 USD - I can fit up to 9 yards in a flat rate padded envelope - send me a custom order request for accurate (cheaper) shipping :)

Many new fabrics were added to clearance 
and I may be adding more as the days go on. 
I just have too much fabric.
I have had my shelving not only fall once -
but actually twice - once was just this last weekend and well it was a mess

as you can see.
All other etsy shop items will be up to 30% off.

 I have to clear some bolts, please take advantage
 if you are looking for backing fabric etc.
I can barely walk in my sewing/shop area.
Many clearance fabrics are $3-4 a yard.
Message me if you need more yardage than what's listed.
 I just might have it in stock after all.
Thank you for reading and helping me clear out this January.
p.s. clearance sale ends January 25, 2016 midnight.

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