Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall in the air

Here in Minnesota there have been some beautiful days. 
Sunny and 68 and gorgeous skies.
There have been a few rainy days too. 
What's a gal to do? 
Yes I could quilt. 
And I have been. 
I have also been ogling Pinterest  - dangerous.
Shopping - at Michaels - dangerous 
with 30% off total purchase coupons and stuff like that. 
I have had some crazy craft inspiration. 

There have been ball band pumpkins with cinnamon stick 'stems'.

Acrylic paint candy corn wood craft by Fab Lab with my 8 year old 
- super easy and fun for kids with water based paint. 

Another ball band cream pumpkin. 

I did say I was quilting right? 
Not only did I piece this Inch by Inch pumpkin,
 but I hand quilted and bound it in a day. 
I really wanted it finished for THIS season. 
Too many times I start seasonal quilts and don't finish them in time. 
So I was feeling very happy about this little project.

A batch of Snickerdoodles topped off the week. 
This whole not working thing is really productive lately.
Crafty fun is on hold for now and I get to tackle the guest room organization. 
I'll let you know how that turns out.


Sandy said...

Enjoy reading your posts lately and am ogling some of the neutrals you have on sale. I must have missed something though, because I thought when you were commuting, it was between here in Ohio and one of the Carolinas. Now you are in Minnesota?

karen @ badlandsquilts said...

So many finishes!

Unknown said...

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Lisa C said...

I just finished one of the quilts from Large-Block Quilts and I thought you'd like to know. I would email you a picture but I can't get the contact button to work on your blog. I have enjoyed the book very much.