Saturday, March 14, 2015

Welcome Baby....

There are usually 4-5 new quilts books released each month.
I have been so far behind on blogging about them. 

This book is a bit special to me since my "Ice cream Swirl" quilt is in it!

I made this girl version and another boy version in pirate fabric.
I had every intention of starting another quilt....
It just hasn't happened,

So for now, 
I am just drooling over all the quilts in this book and
 several other new ones from Martingale.

 Bubbles  is definitely one I'd like to try.
And Sweet Cheeks too...

Right now I am still traveling out of town for work
 and it's really been taking it's toll. 
I've been filling my evenings cutting fabric for my etsy shop 
and truthfully that helps me not miss my family so much.
I really appreciate everyone that supports my shop. 
Right now I have 25% off regular prices until 3/17/15 midnight.
I hope that will keep me busy this coming week nights.

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Laura Chaney said...

That fish with the bubbles is just too precious!