Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I want to apologize for the delay in choosing a winner for my most recent giveaway. 

I didn't forget.... Really I didn't. 
Actually, I made a spontaneous excision to pack up our car and drive to Iowa. 
Wow that sounds CRAZY right? Well maybe not to you but for me it was completely out of character. 
I usually plan a road trip weeks or months in advance... not a day. 
My kids were upset that I didn't give them notice ( they are 7 and 13). 
I realized that the trip was an absolute must. 
I didn't realize I was creating 2 versions of me? How did I miss that? 
They needed to be shown that we can just up and decide to take a trip... Spontaneity is good once and a awhile. 
So we made a long distance road trip and it was awesome. 
Just what we needed. 
I hope you spent your weekend doing what you love! 

Anyhow,the winner of the little market giveaway is
I will be emailing you today for your Info. 
Thanks for all the thoughts on the low volume trend. 

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