Sunday, May 04, 2014

Loving this Quilt book

Martingale has recently asked me to review a few of the newer quilt book releases.
Civil War Legacies II was the first.
At first, I paged through it just to look at the pictures. 

Do you do that?
I mean I judge nearly every single quilt book by the quilt pictures.

The book might be about a technique, but I usually skip that until I
see what the author designed with those techniques.

In this particular book I found 4 quilts I wanted to start today...
And one that I have already made!!!

Baskets for Betsy.

I've included each picture of the quilts I want to make.
The problem is, where do I start.
That is always a good sign to buy a particular book.
I think I'd like to start with this one  >>>

It's lovely...and looks particularly complicated.
Sign me up!
okay maybe for just one block to start....


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Yup, I do that too! Looks like a fun book.

Shar said...

Yes I decide a book by the pictures. This looks like a great book. You picked some fun quilts.

Needled Mom said...

Have fun!!!

KeyQuilter said...

I look at the pictures 1st, too! I yep, I'd make that last one 1st, too! Good job!