Saturday, August 17, 2013

hand sewing.

Hand Sewing seems to be about all I can accomplish lately.
there was a bit of machine sewing in July but that was a project
 that can't be shown just yet.
I have done quite a bit of English paper piecing while
on road trips this summer.
Some of you follow me on Instagram
and have probably seen some these pictures so bare with me.
I tend to travel with about 5-6 English paper piecing projects.
I like variety plus there have been a few
occasions that I didn't bring enough hexies!
Oh the horror couldn't be repeated.
I mean running out of sewing projects?
That makes for a very uncomfortable road trip for me!!
One of the new to me English paper pieces are
pie tarts also known as pieced circles.
I purchased both the papers and the acrylic templates for
the 3 1/2" pie and the 5" .
I let me 'wings fly" and this is what the back looks like.
Here is first tart
appliqued on a low volume / low value background grey stripe.
I don't completely have a plan for these.
I wish I did and yet I see this project taking shape as I make more pies.
Since I couldn't find these in a local quilt shop,
or online except
I decided to offer them on my etsy.
If you want to try your hand at a tart,
I have a set of each size available HERE.

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