Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Collecting, finding and hoarding low volume prints....

I've really been bitten with a bug to collect low value
aka low volume prints.
I've raided my stash recently and
dug up some goodies that I had forgotten about.
I bought the 3 fabrics at the top of the bundle 
when my husband and I took a trip to Alaska about 4 years ago.
It sat for 4 years?
{hoard much?}
what have I been thinking?
I am not sure what quilt I will make with these
but they have moved to the top of my pile of 'to use next prints'.
Do you have a pile like that?
I have like 10 of those piles.
But I have QADD ( quilter's attention deficit disorder)
so I am constantly bouncing projects.
Like this project below
I made a 'hidden basket' block with Liberty Stile print
 and a bunch of scraps of low volume text prints I have been collecting.
So now do I make more?
I have quite a bit of Liberty fat quarters....
I'll let you know.
If you are looking to collect low volume prints or
text prints in small 'batches' these
are some of my favorite online fabric sources:


karen @ badlandsquilts said...

Love the liberty with the low volume!

Lisa Lisa said...

Love low volume and really need to add some to my stash because I really don't have much. I think I need to go shopping!