Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Insta-week ?

It feels like the week went in an instant.
And I only took a few pictures with Instagram.
So it was fitting to combine the thoughts.

I put away nearly all the holiday decorations except I dug out all the silver
 and blue ornies and made a January tree.
Fit for snow, cold and snowmen of course.

I started organizing my fabric scraps.
That seems to be a common theme in blog land this time of year.
I decided to destash of fabric that I simply won't use any time soon.
I posted some of the layer cakes and bundles on my
big cartel page
 if you are are interested.

I spent New Year's Eve Eve  and NYE here on the couch.
I just couldn't kick this cough and cold that I have had for nearly 10 days.
I decided rest was imperative.
I feel sooo much better today, just in time to go back to work tomorrow.

And since I was feeling a bit better...I actually sewed a little.
I didn't finish a block,
but I finished some quarter square triangles so that was good.

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