Saturday, December 15, 2012

more sunshine...

maybe even a little too much sunshine in the picture?
but I was trying to take different angles
I am a little late in posting.
Life things just got out of hand.

So this in yet another of the lovely jelly roll quilts.

Let's start with the back.
I didn't quite have enough of the blue print from this
fabric line I added the peach.

this quilt has such a springy feel to it.

The best part is the quilting.
This pattern is called 1930's flower.
I simply love it.
Almost don't want to give this quilt away.
On a non-quilty note.
I just want to say that my heart is breaking for all affected by the incidence in Newport CT.

I'm trying to fathom how the parents' are coping.
 I. simply. can. not.
just praying.

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Judy said...

Your quilt is pretty. The pattern reminds me of the jelly roll quilt but not when looking at it closley. Its nice. The colors are cheery. I feel the same as you about those children. I haven't wanted to do any quilting or sewing.