Friday, October 05, 2012

Super quick re-cap: Iowa in 2.5 days

Last weekend we headed to my hometown in Iowa.
While we were there my sister invited me to go on a riverboat cruise on Friday evening.
It was about 2 hours long, an absolutely perfect evening with 70's, sunshine and a little breeze.
I took this picture with my i-phone.
Just look at the foliage - amazing.
But was just a small  highlight of the awesomeness of the weekend.
One of the coolest places we stopped was Candle Ready Cakes
in downtown Dubuque.
Can you see their tables?
They are made of dry erase board material....
so the kids can draw while you hang out and have a cupcake and a coffee!

It was a clever set up and the flavors were out of this world.
These gals can bake.

My fave was the Triple Chocolate....
so if you are in Dubuque, stop down to Candle Ready Cakes on Main Street.
You won't be disappointed.

Anyhow, no road trip is without hand sewing of some sort.
I finished the binding on the Sunshine and Lollipops quilt.
(sorry for the small pics...I used my camera and when I enlarged them....they were blurry)

And although we visited many places, and did many cool things...
my trip favorite was Yarn Soup.
It is also located on Main Street and houses a delicious assortment of yarn and color.
I was trully dumbfounded at how nice the downtown looks now...
they have really spruced it up and this shop makes it even better.
So that's my super quick re-cap.


Needled Mom said...

Looks like fun. What town is your hometown as mine is not far from Dubuque?

Josie said...

Looks like a great town to visit.. only wish it were closer. Wish I could just pick that cupcake right off the screen... I've got a cup of tea right by me and it looks so chocolicious...yum!

Sandy said...

Great pictures of "your" town!

Teresa said...

Love to see photos of Dubuque. I'll have to check out the cupcake shop - I didn't even know it was there.