Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dolls and the Jungle

 I have been a Blythe doll fan for several years.
This year my daughter informed me that she'd like a Blythe for Christmas.
You may not know this, but Blythe's are difficult to buy in the U.S.
unless you find a friend here on flickr or instagram
and adopt one!
Well I decided to try ebay.
Since it can take weeks for the doll to be delivered from Asia I decided
I better start now in time for Christmas and this will give me time to
make some extra clothes.

Grace requested the doll named "Chocolate" and she comes with a mate "Vanilla", shown above.
I ended up buying them from an Australian seller.
It was awesome. They arrived in 10 days.
The price was 'right'.
I was elated.
now fast forward to yesterday.....
1 week AFTER they arrive.
DD Grace, decides she doesn't want a Blythe for Christmas, she wants a
Nintendo DS 3D.
So much for being ahead of the game.
After much contemplation on my part,
I have decided to keep them in secret in case she changes her mind.
IF she still doesn't "want" one...
I guess the girls are mine (insert evil laugh).

 In other news.
My jungle of a garden is starting to produce.

And we have pretty squash blossoms....
take care,


audrey said...

I love Blythe! I just can't justify her cost right now so I'll live vicariously through others for now :D

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Uh oh! I like to be ahead of the game too. I have 3 daughters and my 6yo and 3yo don't play with dolls much, but I have an 18 mo girl who loves "babies.". I saw some 18 inch dolls at Michaels that are like American dolls. I thought about getting each of them a mini me. Has anyone bought these dolls? Or should I spring for the real deal? The American dolls are just so expensive.

I saw a Nancy Ziemen book to make 30 minute doll clothes.

Needled Mom said...

Go figure! She may still change her mind.

Little Lady Patchwork said...

She has plenty of time to change her mind! :0)