Thursday, December 15, 2011

Announcing "Thursday Three"

I'm sure you know this and probably don't need me to tell you but
 there are some pretty awesome bloggers out there.
I follow a TON on my side bar and many more in google reader.
Lately, with the intrusion of Pinterest...I have stumbled upon many blogs I didn't know existed or I didn't 'follow'.
I have found so much inspiration that I thought I would share.
I'm going to try to share 3 new blogs each Thursday...
"The Thursday Three"
and write just a small blip about them....
maybe a picture or 2??
so without further a do....
here are my first Thursday three....

self explanatory.

love Molly's quilts...etc...
her photography is fab too!

there are no words for how awesome Ana White is.
no words.
{my husband may have made this for my dd for Christmas ;) }


Needled Mom said...

I love finding new blogs to follow. I;ll have to check these out.

I have tried to sign up to PIN and they keep telling me they will send me an invite, but it never comes. Am I doing something wrong???? :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Vickie, I look forward to your Thursday Three. You have great taste so I know I'll love your selections.

Happy Holidays!!!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Two new blogs for me Vicki - I already follow Mary.