Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bustin' My Stash....

In case any of you haven't heard from other bloggers about the newest GO! contest....
I thought I'd share.
To clarify, I don't receive any compensation for sharing....
I have just used my Go! cutter so often to cut hexies, tumblers and circles just from my scraps.
It speeds the process up 10 fold!

So if you'd like to show AccuQuilt how you much stash you need to 'bust'
Click on the following link to participate: or go to AccuQuilt’s Facebook page and click “Like”.
Then go to the ‘Bust My Stash’ tab under their profile picture and upload a picture of your fabric stash. Submit your photo by Friday, July 22nd and you’ll be eligible to win a GO! Mix and Match 12” Starter Set.
{wish I had this!!!}

The photo with the most votes by July 31st wins!
Photos will be voted on by viewers and fans of the AccuQuilt Facebook page using the following criteria: relevance, creativity, and originality.
Share with your friends during the voting period to increase your odds of winning!
Turns out they have over 150 entries now! And are offering a bonus pattern for those of you that have a Go! cutter or are planning on getting one.
In addition. if you click HERE you can sign up for their email notifications and get 22 free patterns to use with the Go! 
I signed up.
I'm also wishing for some new dies for my Go! a 3" applecore...LOL
I'm nuts right? ...{just lookin' for ways to use my stash}


Michele said...

Thanks for the information :-)

Linda said...

Wouldn't it be fun to win one!!!