Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Moda.....

Here are just a few more of the Moda designer's booths.

Fig Tree

Oliver and S
Liesl and her hubby.
Edyta Sitar Laundry Basket Quilts
Another favorite quilt. I can't wait until the pattern is complete.
Brannon and Patek

American Jane
Thimbleblossom and Cottonway.


Linda said...

Thank you for sharing your photos! I get inspired just looking at them!

amy smart said...

Vickie - I'm totally enjoying your pictures of Market! As I go back and look at the ones I took I'm disturbed by how little I captured. So I'm enjoying other people's. :) It was so good to meet you SLC! I look forward to following you more!

quilter000 said...

Looks like an exciting summer coming our way love the new lines!Q!

Little Lady Patchwork said...

It's hard to pick a favorite!