Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I just had to post some pictures from Bellagio in Las Vegas.
The Botanical gardens are beautiful.
For those of you that have not been to Vegas...there is sooo much to see.
We walked for miles.
Definitely don't have to gamble to experience it.

I wish I had taken my Nikon but instead I took my smaller camera.
Still some real beauty here.

I have no idea what these are called but they are beautiful.

A snail made with roses.
Giant watering cans...watering ...who'd have thought?


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing! It is almost like a "Disney" of Las Vegas.

Beth@IHaveANotion.com said...

The plant with the blue ball of blooms is called the Agapantha, (I think in the lily family of plants) and the other ones... low with spikes of flowers are called bromilleads and are found in the rainforest growing in the trees.

Beth-Near Chicago

Sherry said...

Thanks for sharing. Every time I go to Vegas this is one spot I love to go to. And is anyone that I know is going I get them to bring me photos. Seeing they change it 6 to 8 times a year and they never repeat.

WoolenSails said...

I have never been and it looks like a lot of fun things to see. I do not think I would like the crowds though, I tend to go to the mountains and hide out;)


Chris said...

I have not been down to the Bellagio since Christmas. I will have to go check out the mushrooms. My girls love them since they are for good luck :) I might just tell them to go for the afternoon to get out of the house.
Thanks for sharing

Sandy said...

Gorgeous pictures, Vickie. I would love to just walk around also and see the sights!

Pumpkin Cupcake Queen said...

Oh wow! I love the Bellagio garden! Wish I was there to see this in person!

prashant said...

Gorgeous pictures
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AnnieO said...

It is a fun place to visit, the Bellagio garden. Those are Agapanthus or "Lily of the Nile". They are EVERYWHERE in my city and indeed most of Southern CA as median plantings and in lots of yards too.

I love the snail made from roses and the Giant Lotus flower pods! Thanks for sharing.

Sherri said...

Gorgeous photos! Sounds like you had a great trip!