Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Like a miniature quilt show

Last weekend I went to a retreat with about 22 other quilters. Our ages range from 36 to 78! There was quite a mix of ideas, projects and energy. On Saturday we had a show and tell.
I took pictures of all the projects but realized that 50 pictures might be a bit much so I am showing my favorite projects here.
Diva Kate (as I call her) created these funky pillows from her scraps.  Being a former art teacher she really has a unique was of creating.  She never uses a pattern...ever.
The most interesting thing about these pillows, was how many of us were squeezing the appendages! haha...

Now....these trout are about to become dinner...no I mean a jacket.  Another one of our super artsy quilters was creating jackets for her mother and herself. 
Um it was interesting to watch her process of collaging the fabrics.
Not sure I'd wear trout though....

This quilt was beautiful ...all batiks.
Sorry to say, I don't know what pattern she used.

Another good one from Better Homes and Gardens book that is out of print now.  
The pieced 36 patch centers are what caught my eye. 
They only measure about 3 inches square.
Think about it.
This is "Jane no blogs" project. "Snowmen are like quilts, some assembly required".
So cute.
beautiful for spring.
We all ooohed and ahhhed over this one. LOVE the scalloped edges.
Disappearing  patches were our retreat quilt of choice.
I am just showing a few here...
It is amazing how the use of different fabrics, different sized borders can really make these quilts POP.
Now you are all wondering where are my finishes?
Well besides the Jelly Roll Quilt Along Block 4, I didn't finish any flimsies.
I sewed miles.  I broke my thread 40 times on Saturday....tried to re-thread, re-bobbin, new needle, clean bobbin case and on and on. Still it was giving me fits.
I ended up packing up late Saturday afternoon and going home.
I took my 'in progress' pieces and pinned them on Sunday as if to sew another round.
Sat down and re-threaded my machine.
Guess what?
It worked. Yep I sewed through everything.
  Now I am ready to pin some more.
Hopefully I will have some quilt tops to show you....very soon.


luv2quilt2 said...

Maybe your machine just needed a retreat from the retreat?

Sheri Howard said...

So fun to see what everyone is sewing! I love creative people!

Brooke said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all! Sorry to hear about your machine.

Sherri said...

At least your machine worked on day two...love the miniature 36 patch blocks!

quilter000 said...

I'm just sayin you know, it was a hoot to spend some time with you over that weekend. I am sure you will remember me. If not shame on you . I 'm just sayin you know

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Thanks for the show! One of these days I will attend a quilting retreat.