Thursday, April 23, 2009

I've been Tagged....

By Heather Mulder Peterson....So I have to tell you 6 or 7 random things about me....

1. I don't eat bananas....I gag at the thought...(sorry but I do). With both my daughters...I would cut up a banana and put some in my mouth and pretend that I was loving it, then spit it in a napkin out of their site... All so that they would eat them and not develop a complex about them like I have.

2. When I was 20, I worked at Wal-mart. I was in the snack bar area (when they had them) and I would close down at night. One night while I was cleaning the Icee Icee no less, the machine exploded.... ALL over me, up to the ceiling and just ALL over. It was horrible. Anyhow, at the Christmas party they made me a 'special' award for being Icee Queen. I was mortified.

3. I have scoliosis, 2 perfect 17 degree curves in my back so I never needed surgery thankfully.

4. I started quilting when I was in dental school because I loved miniatures and I wanted to make miniature quilts. I did a lot of crocheting then as well. As a result of repetitive motion doing dentistry and then crocheting, I developed carpel tunnel like symptoms. I had to give up crocheting and so quilting gained my full attention. No I didn't give up dentistry.

5. I am the oldest of five children and grew up in Dubuque, Iowa.

6.My favorite chocolates are Betty Jane Candies also found only in Dubuque.

7. My mom took me to a sewing class when I was 8 to learn to sew clothing. She was an accomplished sewer but didn't have the patience to teach me. All the other students were 17, 18 years old. I made a pink dot seer sucker skirt. I no longer have it, I wish I did. I made my first quilt...technically...when i was 8. I used polyester scraps and stuffed it...yes I stuffed it with fabric scraps. I used it for my Barbie Dolls...I think I may still have it. IF I find it, I will post the picture.
Ok so I think I need to tag a few people....I'll tag Marilyn, Carol, Jen, Connie, and Karen.


Unknown said...

Great to know you better, Vickie!! Thanks for sharing!

rachel griffith said...

bananas huh?!?
you silly icee queen you.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I did mine but I didn't tag anybody! Shoot. I forgot.

And Vickie... I TOTALLY agree with you on the bananas. YUCK! Can't eat them. Won't eat them. They are awful. You are not alone on that one.

Gina said...

My mom is the same way with bananas! I love your little trick with your daughters...that's the true sign of a good mother! These are great, (the walmart one is a nightmare!) thanks for sharing! (I forgot to tag people too! Darn!)

Anonymous said...

Vickie, I'm slowly getting blog posts read and I noticed you tagged me so soon I'll post my random things. Thanks for thinking of me. :D

julia said...

Hi Vickie,
thanks for sharing these facts about you...I thinks it's the small things that let you know others better ;o)
Hugs, Julia