Friday, December 26, 2008

Tutorial: Half Square Triangles from Leftovers

First let me preface this tutorial with the fact that I am not an expert...I have been quilting for 11 years and sewing for 27! I know a few things but I still have a lot to learn. I posted these half square triangles that I made while I was piecing 4 quilts from this book, Baby Fats by Cracker Jack Quilts. I had a couple of requests to show how I made my extra half square triangles before I finished my main quilt blocks.

Using the pattern I cut my squares to the sizes mentioned as shown here. You could use any size square. Then I prepared the squares for sewing by marking a pencil line diagnally from point to point. You could use a rotary cutting ruler or the Quick Quarter.

Then 1/2 inch to the right of your drawn line, draw another pencil line.

Shown here:
Now this quilt block is similar to a snow ball block. I chose 4 squares and I positioned them so that the shorter pencil line is toward the edge of the block.

I pin mine into place,

Then I sew the first line...the very center stitching line. Then I go back and repeat stitching on the shorter line.

Once all 4 corners were sewn, I used my rotary cutter and ruler and cut between the sewn lines...basically each piece will have a 1/4 inch seem allowance.
Like this:

I trim my fabric "ears"....

And now you have all 4 corners sewn, all extra corners sewn, and cut and are ready to press.
I pressed my main block first.....

And then my left over half-square triangles... I usually square them all up to the smallest block size so that are uniform. Here is the pink version I made for Doll Quilt Swap 5.


Unknown said...

Thanks for this tutorial.

cosmo*yogini said...

Those model's hands look familiar...

Marieta said...

ohh very easy¡¡


TJ and Whitnee said...

This is a great tutorial! It's fun to find out new tricks, especially when they are easy! I'd love to share a link to this tutorial on on April 16!