Saturday, July 19, 2008

Productive evening....

Last night I spent 4 hours..til midnight getting backing and batting ready for the machine quilter. I normally do my own quilts. But since we've moved and my quilting machine still isn't up...I decided to send some off. 6! to be exact...I had 9 but had to limit myself. I busted out 17 yards for the backings!! I can't wait until they start rolling in. Now just to clarify I haven't really said I am stash busting this year but I am keeping tabs on what I purchase vs. use. When I want to buy more fabric..I look at the yardage I have purchased this year....just to be sure that I really want to buy more. All that being said...the local quilt shop had 25% off this weekend. I did get some backing fabric for other quilts..that are in the works.

I am trying to make the bindings this weekend so that they will be ready when the quilts return. I am not sure I will to that as I am packing for another trip to SC. Well there is a tropical storm in SC now so not sure what the weather will be like...or how to pack for hot and rain!

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