Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Wow I am late posting....
Well my in-laws are gone now and it's back to the more normal life...ah that means without help :(

My mother in-law is so helpful with my girls...well my father in-law too...but he gets bored easily LOL. My MIL is a quilter too. I have showed some of her quilts on my blog. This trip she and I started some wallhangings...identical nearly. I cut all the fabric and traced the applique shapes and cut them out for us. Just so she could sit and piece while DD2 slept. She assembled most of it over the weekend! She also started 2 more projects with one of my jelly rolls and some other scraps. I didn't add much to my stash over the Vegas trip and I busted about a yard this don't get me wrong I am FAR from a stash buster....but I am keeping track of what I added vs. used. I am WAY in the hole of buying. I hope to have some pics of what I've been working on coming this weekend. I bought a pattern for crocheting on the edge of blankets. It explains briefly that you should have the edges Hem Stitched. I have researched this and I am hoping some of you can help me find a place to get this done OR let me know IF your janome or Viking can do this type of stitch, I'd trully appreciate it.
So it's 9:30 and IF I want ANY pictures to post here..I need to get back to my projects.

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Thimbleanna said...

Hi Vicki -- I don't know what they call the stitches -- I even searched the Viking site briefly and come up with nothing (I'm sure it's there, I'm just not putting in the correct words.) Anyway, the stitch I use almost looks like a series of little daisies chained together. You have to use a wing needle which will make a hole in the center of the "daisy" and then you can put your crochet hook in that hole. Hope that makes sense -- but just to let you know that Viking does have that stitch.