Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Cotton Cabin

Since we drove so far I just had to stop in our downtown area. Very close to the quilt shop is the base of the Fourth Street elevator. I am horrible with history and I have know idea how old this is. It was used to move 2 people at a time, up the side of the hill. It is very hilly in Dubuque where I grew up. Interestingly, the rest of Iowa is flat though. See all the snow? There is literally 4 feet on either side of my parents drive. Ugh...AND after ALL that driving....we have to leave in fact...2 days early as a storm is coming and we have to be ahead of it.A view down the street reveals....the corner of a quilt shop?
Yippee!!!!!! the Cotton Cabin......

Here are my goodies. I couldn't resist the new Moda Red, White and Bold charm pack for a table runner. I am sooo into tablerunners lately as you have probably read. Also a super cute bunny topper...because I NEEDED another one! LOL.

This shop has great samples and kits. Fabric-wise...they have a mix, some 30's, childrens, Civil war and Amy Butler.....usually a few trendy moda lines in charms and jellies. I love their kits though....that's why I stop/shop. I had thought I'd forgotten my camera and they thought I was nuts that I wanted to blog about their shop but I squeezed a few pics out of them!

This was a tabletopper kit I wanted but they didn't have the pattern.....probably a good thing since Valentine's has past....oh but what about next year?
Did I mention they dabble in wool too? wool yarn and wool fat quarters....punchneedle etc. It's a good store for a bit of everything really. So I was only really going to look for 3 things....didn't get a single one of them...but I was a happy camper anyhow. Now before we leave today....I am hoping I can visit the other quilt shop. It has a TOTALLY different style. I have not gotten fabric there in the last 3 trips but I still go...just in I still need the Quilt Pink II border fabric, Moda Blossom border fabric....and one other fabric...I can't remember....where's that darn list!


Unknown said...

Looks like a great little shop!! Hope you found what you needed at the next shop

Anonymous said...

What a nice little shop. Where did you get the YLI silk threads online from ?
Have a safe trip home.

Lissa Jane said...

lovely shop! and you showed great restraint I think too.. :O))

snow? what is snow?? *W* we dont get any here in winter where I live, which I am not complaining about! I'd just like to see it once in my life!


CONNIE W said...

Great looking shop! Looks all cozy and inviting.

Ginger Patches said...

Looks like a great shop! I bought the red white and bold for a table topper too!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

That looks like a great quilt shop. Great pictures. Love the snow photos.

Vicky said...

Fabulous snow pictures! I love snow - probably because there's none where I live! LOL And the shop is wonderful! Great purchases!