Sunday, December 09, 2007

And the Winners are....yes I DID say winners...

Now hold on...there is only 1 Allspice charm pack and the winner is......Dot

But there were so many responses...and so my daughter picked 4 more winners for charms.....I have soooo many 1930's charms from projects. I have them pre-packed even. So.....Anita, Cheryl, LeAnne, and Pat!!!!!!!
I have emailed all of you and once I get your snail mail addies...I will mail them out to you. I hope to be able to have another giveaway soon. Christmas is coming so...I don't want to extend myself more than I already am. Speaking of Christmas....I took the handmade challenge and here's what I have been working on. The lucky recipients...may or may not like these as they are a FAR cry from diamond tennis bracelets....too bad LOL.


Cheryl said...

thanks to you and to your daughter
for picking me. I am so excited!
I love 30's!!!

Anita said...

Thank you so much!! And good picking to your daughter LOL


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for picking my name for the 30'charms. Give your daughter a hug for me.

kcdi said...

Congrats to all the winners!
Are those humbug bags you are working on? I was given one once and I absolutely LOVE it. I could very well find uses for up to a dozen more!

Anita said...

Thanks Vickie, the charm packs arrived the other day - they are great!
Looking forward to seeing pics of your cruise!