Saturday, June 23, 2007

Back Again thank goodness

I just needed to take a picture of these beautiful crocheted blankets made by a friend for E. Aren't they lovely? The one on the right is a large granny square. I just love the colors. Here's a close up of the mostly yellow one so you can see the details of the stitch...just cool I think. She said she crocheted the all yellow part and went back and over-stitched (is that a term?) the varigated yarn.

These nifty little towels were emboidered by a friend and my mom gave them to me. I am having a real craving to do some dainty stitches since I bought the sublime stitches book last week. Maybe once things settle down here. In the mean time I have these little guys to drool over.

The purple room is E's. It is the only room in the house that is trully put together...except wall decorations. All other rooms have boxes up the waazoo (sp?) Anyhow, I am working on unpacking...or rather I should be right now.
One more for the's G at Cheer camp today. She had a blast and already has future plans to be an Arrow!!

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